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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Whale & Mammoth Bone Sculpture

Mammoth Bone Hunter

Ancient musk ox bone hunter
w/ ivory face

Whale bone w/ caribou antler

Whale bone masks
musk ox hair, ivory teeth, ink

Mammoth bone Dancer w/ Fans
mammoth ivory face, w/ ptarmigan feather fans w/ baleen, mounted on mammoth bone

Mammoth bone Fisherman
mammoth ivory face w/ baleen rods & caribou antler fish w/ ivory hook & baleen eyes

Beluga Whale made of whale bone
mounted on whale bone

Beluga Whale made of whale bone
mounted on mammoth bone

Woman Fishing

Whale bone body w/ walrus ivory face, baleen fishing poles w/ twine. Fish is musk ox horn w/ baleen inlay eyes biting onto a miniature walrus ivory hook w/ tiny eyes. Color is India ink. The base is mammoth bone.

Beluga Mother & Baby
Beluga carved from whale bone w/ water based stain, mounted on mammoth bone.

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