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Saturday, October 28, 2006

About the Artist: Qalayauq

~ Inupiat artist Roswell L. "Ross" Schaeffer Sr., also known as Qalayauq, was born and raised in the Inupiat community of Kotzebue, Alaska, located 39 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
~ As an Inupiaq hunter, Qalayauq is able to capture the true meaning of the hunting culture using his own observations and ancient teachings handed down by generations. Even today, some of the spiritual aspects of the hunting culture are beleived and followed. The expression of this reverence for the animals and culture are apparent in his work, which are unique in materials and execution.

All art inquiries for available pieces should be directed to Vica Owens, Sulianich Art Center at: (907) 442-2990 or vowens@nwabor.org Questions about commissions or to contact the artist, email: qalayauq@gmail.com

The log home Ross built at Sadie Creek, outside of Kotzebue. A place of beauty.


Julie Stine said...

Truly enjoyed seeing your art work Ross! I have heard so much about you and your work from my mom (Carol), sweet to finally be able to see some of my family that I hear so much about from my mom. I feel as if I know you so well. Your art is as beautiful as my mom said it was. I wish I could come see it for myself. I am greatful to be able to view it just the same. And to see you as well Ross. You have an awesome gift Ross, may you bless many with it.

Anonymous said...

Yuay, the quality of your work shows through well on this website Qalayauq. Thank you for sharing it with me; I'll surely introduce others to your blogspot. It makes me happy to know that in your retirement you are dedicating yourself to your talent while adding to the incredible artistic repertoire of the Inupiat. ~Nauriaq

lexy said...

This is way cool!!

nasruyaaq said...

u sure have awesome art work, i enjoy every bit of it. now i know where ann marie got her talent from, tata ross.

Alethea said...

Such beautiful work Qalayauq! I was just showing Dad your work and then he started telling stories about you and Bobby. My favorite are your grandparents. You are certainly blessed with artistic power. Thank goodness! Kanunnukpuk (Alethea)

Mammoth said...

Your art has been fun for you and I see that it often gives strength for the friends that have something from you. There is a wind that still blows through the tundra to you to listen to. It is yours and of those that came before you and those that stand by you even now. These are the ones to give attention to in each day spent to make something. Walk through the land and it will give you your ancestors and their way of things. Thousands of years are in your spirit and the way of others are thin. Art is for tourists and objects of power are for you and ancestors, a magic, let all others know this by what you do. As for collectors, power work is beyond the money as a Shaman sings in the walrus and the caribou...You are not separated just because they are no longer singing but it's the song that is in you that is waiting...Bill